Ocean High kitesurfing lessons

Stand Up Paddleboarding is one of the fastest growing water-sports worldwide.  Over the past few years, it has become huge in the USA and Australia is now growing rapidly in the UK.

SUP is a really fun and social way to enjoy the water that is accessible to a wide variety of people, whatever your age, skills or fitness level.

SUP is enjoyable from the outset and within a couple of hours you will have mastered the basics of the sport. Progression opportunities range from surfing, downwind riding, coastal, river or lake cruising to the more demanding SUP racing scene.

The beauty of SUP is its diversity and simplicity.  Lakes, rivers and canals are now the adventure playgrounds of the sport and if you are lucky enough to live by the sea, you can enjoy surfing and coastal exploration.

The sport is a fantastic ‘core body’ workout, increasingly being used as part of total lifestyle fitness programmes ranging from low impact exercise to ‘SUP boot camps’!

SUP as a sport originates from Hawaii in the 1960‘s when the Waikiki Beach Boys used a paddle with their long boards whilst teaching tourists to surf.  However, standing on a board or raft and using a paddle dates back thousands of years in many cultures from Africa to Polynesia.

Ocean High’s SUP lessons include assessment of the conditions and location, introduction to the board (without a paddle to start with to get a ‘feel’ for it) and self-recovery techniques. We then add the paddle to the mix and get you up and riding in no time

Our SUP Excursions are for people that have already been on the SUP Introductory Course where we can explore Cornwall’s wonderful coastline and wildlife and work on fine tuning technique.

More information about Ocean High at www.oceanhigh.co.uk.