Mystic Warrior 3

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Mystic Warrior 3

The Mystic Warrior Trilogy (Three) Harness is new version of the extremely popular Mystic Warrior 2 Waist Harness. Mystic have rebuilt everything to be lighter, stronger and more comfy.

Softer edges, lighter materials, covered side sections and a brand new battle belt makes the Mystic Warrior Three a next level product. This is the solution for eveyone looking for support and comfort on the water or the land!

The Warrior III Harness has a new interior. New structure and material gives the harness the comfort for riding overpowered and the flexibility for new school tricks. With handle-pass quick release leash, its the perfect “Wake Style” Harness.


  • System Down System”Waist”: Locks the spreaderbar down, giving you more control while performing your manoeuvres.
  • Kinetic Back Support KM3: Combing the advantages of thermo moulding and neoprene, the mould is fitted with bending lines to let the harness adapt to the continuous altering of the human body.
  • MYSoft Flex Edge: The sides of the W3 are super soft, so you can grab that tweaked out Seatbelt grab you’ve always wanted.
  • Integrated Handle Pass System Fix: PU coated Handle pass system that can be removed if you’re not cool enough for handle passes.
  • Battle Belt Waist Closure: Keeps the harness stuck to your waist while you put it on.
  • Kite Spreaderbar with new pad: Stops the spreader bar pinching your chest while walking around. The pads got a new shape which fits your body much better!
  • Quick release Clickerbar: 100% Safe and Easy to Use. Mystic’s patent pending Clicker Bar is super safe and so easy to use, you can get out on the water even faster.

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