Red Paddle Co

The Red Paddle Co

The world’s best inflatable SUPs

Red Paddle Co is a real SUP company. We have been in it from the early days.

Red Paddle Co was founded in 2007 after we had spent time paddling all types of boards in all types of conditions. We haven’t just jumped on a bandwagon after seeing how popular the sport was becoming. We were paddlers first before we started Red Paddle Co and are still paddlers now. With an increasing number of copycat brands in both the hard and inflatable market place the choice for the customer is endless.

At Red Paddle Co we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe that everyone who wants to paddle board should be able to, regardless of transport or storage constraints. We believe that buying an inflatable board should not be a compromise. In fact we believe more people will own an inflatable board than a hard board in the years to come.

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